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Company summary

In addition to RF (Radio Frequency) transistor packages,RF Materials supplies semiconductor packages to various business areas with compound semiconductors such as laser packages and military infrared sensor packages.
The package we supply plays an important role in signal connection with the compound semiconductor, power supply, and heat release, and is a key component in a hermetic structure for stable operation of the semiconductor.

Our first main product is the package for communication which is mainly used for RF communication and optical communication. It’s transmission/reception and optical amplification module package mainly used in RF transistor package and optical transmission networks.

The second main product is the laser package, which is a semiconductor package used in modules that generate lasers. Our technology is recognized by German companies leading laser technology and supplies our products to them.

The third one is the package for military infrared sensor. It’s a high value-added product developed based on our multi-layered ceramic and bonding technology. It’s 100% localized and provide to customers.

RF Materials Co., Ltd. will continue to make inroads into not only the 5G market but also into other various industrial sectors based on technologies secured through its experience in multi-layered ceramic technology, Heat-sink materials technology, etc.
In the field of laser package, we are going to expand our capabilities further by expanding into the laser module business as well as the laser package.